Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What God has been up to in my life lately...

     So i'm not going to lie to any of you. This year has been a rough year for me personally. I've gone through a lot this year and honestly its kind of felt like a touch of Hell in all honesty. I mean don't get me wrong, it's been an awesome year as well but it's been hard to make certain decisions to talk to people about things that i don't want to talk to them about. It hasn't been easy but i do know that God has truly brought me out of them and allowed me to lay them down at his feet.

     The other week i had found out that one of my friend's father had passed away and it really hit me. I think a lot of the reason that it hit me so hard was because i think everything from this year just decided to finally hit me all at once. Honestly, i didn't really know how to handle all of it. I don't know if i already talked about this, i don't think i did but if i did it just came back to my mind to talk about again i guess. Monday during prayer i was able to truly give it all up to God. God really has done some breaking in me the past week and half and i am so grateful for it. I find that the more time i give into my devotion time with Jesus, there is so much more that God is able to reveal to me.

     Monday we had a guest speaker for Coram Deo and his name was Asokun from India. He is the director for India with Mission SOS. He was talking about thanksgiving, praise, and worship. Seriously, this Coram Deo was the best i think that i've ever heard! We had some awesome prayer time too which was just amazing. In Sunday's service God was working in me. We were talking about fears and one of my fears is that i don't have the ability to have the spiritual gift of healing. Asokun also spoke to me about having the gift of prophecy which is something i honestly never really thought about. I guess in a way i have thought about it but i didn't. I don't know.
      God also spoke through Asokun to me about missions which is something that i've always wanted to do. Missions is the passion that i have had pretty much all of my life and that passion has grown even more. I know that i know that i know God has given me this and i am not letting go of it. I am running with it forever and I want to run after it with all that i have!

So that's what God has been doing in my life lately and i am so very grateful for all that God has been doing in my life and i cannot wait to see where God has me in missions.

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