Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"If we stop to see the world through the eyes of those who suffer" Mother Teresa

I never really knew who Mother Teresa was. Today i have learned so much about her and what her passion was in life. Mother Teresa was a woman who truly knew how to submit to God.

I know that i have submitted to God but how Mother Teresa reallly submitted to her is so amazing! She was a woman that was driven by passion and what God has callled her to do! This quote that is titled at the top hits me so hard but i don't know how to put it into words.

"If we stop to see the world through the eyes of those who suffer." It's not just seeing people through God's eyes, i mean we do need to learn to see people through God's eyes but we also need to learn to pretty much put ourselves into their shoes. That those who suffer, if we look at them through what they are going through it puts a whole new perspective into place.

Seeing people through God's eyes puts a whole new perspective into us but seeing people through their suffering has to be so much more different!

If we are truly willing to really give ourselves over to God and devote our whole lives to him, what could we really begin to do? I mean if we just say yes to God in everything we could be used so much! We could be difference makers in the world if that makes sense.

We need to learn to be in solitude with God. If we can find that special place where we can just get alone with God that is the place of solitude that we need to be in. Solitude comes before service as my awesome teacher Al Di Salvatore stated today and it's so true! We need to learn to be still before the Lord but not doing nothing. Being still before the Lord for me is when i'm out in the park or hiking and just admiring God's wonderful creation. I adore looking at the stars and that is when i truly really have some good moments looking and admiring God's beautiful creation. Those are my moments of solitude.

Mother Teresa has opened me up to so much more and i now i see how honored of a woman she was because of how she changed the world by just submitting to God and really being able to see people through their suffering and putting herself into their shoes.

What can you do to start changing the world? Where is your place for your moments of solitude?

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