Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My family has become so precious to me being away from them this year. I have learned that being away from family brings you even closer to them. My parents and i have such a good relationship with each other. My mom and i especially always have such a good relationship because my mom and we like tickling each other and having biting wars. No, seriously we really do have biting wars. It's hilarious and my dad always yells at us because we always do it later at night when he is ready to relax. My dad and i have a good relationship too. He is quite funny too at times. He really makes me want to cry when i hear him speaking in tongues and really coming back to God. My sister and i are so different yet so much alike. We love hanging out and being with each other. We always have a good time and i love making her laugh. She is more laid back than me but we really enjoy each other! I love Dad too we just don't have any pics together haha!

                                                        Me and my momma, I love her!

                                                   Janelle and i! She is pretty cool and funny!
My poppa! I love him too and he loves his animals!

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