Friday, September 9, 2011

Thinking of my future and relying on God

Hello to everyone! It's been quite awhile since i have posted on here. Today feels like a good day to do  a post. It is a beautiful day, given it's a little rainy and stormy but i am very thankful for today! I've really been diving in to quite a bit of prayer the past few days. I'm somebody who is able to tell almost any guy or person how i feel about them but when it comes to a certain person i have a hard time trying to express how i feel and i didn't really realize that until my best friend kimmy said that and then i really realized that. I know that God has placed someone special in my life and i am just praying that God would work things out and even if it only works out that me and this person are just friends then i'll be ok with that but i am also believing that God will work things out if they are meant to be and even if they aren't then so it be. I feel like i just go through every story that i have, the day i first saw him, the day i meant him, the times we have hung out and had fun, the time i found out that his heart is for Africa and know that's where God has called him. I am praying for my future and for my future husband, i'm asking God to give me the desires of my heart as long as i delight in the Lord and i am giving God my all right now. I am running after my Jesus and as i run after my precious Lord i know that God will move in me and reveal many things to me. So these are just thoughts i've been having today and i am very much looking forward to where God is going to take my future and my life with whomever that may be with.

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