Thursday, June 30, 2011

Missions trip to Mexico

Here is how i will start this blog about my mexico trip: "Missions Trip to Mexico" by Bunch of Believers....check it out..

After going to Mexico for 4 years in a row now, this fourth trip was just as good as the other trips. Each year i've gone to Mexico, God has changed me. This year when i went i learned that Jesus + Nothing = Everything! It really is the full truth too! We don't need anything else in this world besides Jesus because Jesus is everything, in other words, Jesus = Everything!

Why we were in Mexico we built a house for a family and we had so much fun building it too. At times it got kinda frustrating but we got it finished and it was so much fun! I even gained a new nickname from Paul Dumond which is "princess buttercup" and i'm not quite sure how i got it but i did. We had so much fun and got to use tools that we have never used. Here are a few pictures of us working and me as well as the finished product!

So this was the house and the team! We had a team of 52 people and it was truly an awesome week! We were a team that was from Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, and Nebraska i think...haha, but by the end of the week we were all like family! We were a team that knew absolutely nothing about each other and by the end of the week we knew something about each other! It was so awesome being able to spend time with these awesome people and spend time with the people of Mexico. To do things for the people of Mexico is always such a blessing and we know that it does mean something for everyone too. It was a blessing to all of us!

Here is my testimony of the trip....
     I told you this year when i went to Mexico i learned that Jesus+Nothing=Everything. Well here is something that i also learned from inside this sermon series. Josiah Potter told us a story about the Pastor of the Church that we stayed at. This story was about how this Pastor's friend was driving on the windy mountains of Mexico and as he was driving he somehow went over the side of the cliff and rolled his car a few times and then landed. The Pastor was behind him and he got out of his car and ran down the hill to check on him and he was not alive. The Pastor slammed his hands on the top of the car roof and screamed, "Why God?" The Pastor said he audibly heard God's voice that said, "Because i am God." This struck me so much because i've had times when i've screamed in my car that same thing and now God has answered me. See, even though sometimes we don't understand why things happen, it happens because God has the power to do what he wants but in the end it's what helps us grow above and beyond and sometimes we don't realize that right away.

The rest of the week was an awesome week in Mexico. We got to minister to the people which was awesome and hanging out with them was so much fun! We even had one of the members on our team accepts Jesus and get baptized! It was so awesome! He is a son of the living God and means so much to the King! He is growing in his faith and is seeing who God really is which is awesome! This guy has such a purpose in his life and is going to use him in ways that he has never thought possible! All in all, that is my Mexico trip! It was awesome and i look forward to my next missions trip. God Bless for now!

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