Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why is it that sometimes we don't fit in? Dedicated to all girls

Right now, i don't know what to say besides my feelings. Sometimes i guess certain cliques just stay the way they are. I don't understand it, i don't get it but i hate it.  It makes you feel terrible and sometimes like you don't belong where you are. I don't want to change myself in order to fit in and i know that there are girls that do that and if people can't accept you for who you really are then i guess they aren't worth it. I know it's hard to accept that too sometimes but it's just one of those things in my opinion you have to accept how people are. Be encouraged though and know that there is a true best friend for each person out there.

My sister and i were just talking and we both feel the same way. I mean i know that i have awesome best friends in Gettysburg that i miss tremendously but here at home i don't really have them. It gets hard but you know my dad said that maybe Jesus just wants to spend some time with me. So, that's what i am trying to do right now. I know that things get easier and we will always have bumps in the road. We CAN'T give up! We have to continue to push through even when we feel like we don't have anyone else to turn to, you turn to God and you know you have it all. My sister is an awesome sister and i didn't know that she felt the same way i do with this. She is beautiful and i love her so much! I know that God is going to provide her with someone in her life that she is best friends with and i look forward to meeting that girl!

                                               This is my awesome sister Janelle! Isn't she Beautiful?
                                                                                 I think so!
All girls, hang in there and don't give up. Spend time with your Heavenly who is your absolute best friend and he loves you more than anything, Jesus Christ! I love you Ladies and stay strong. I've learned tonight that our God fights for us! I encourage you to read Exodus 15:1-18. Remember that Jesus is there and is fighting for you and with you. You will pull through and you are a beautiful daughter of the King!

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