Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Is Your Moment?

Believe it or not, everyone has a moment when God speaks to them about what they are called to do. You need to be able to measure that moment that you have with God. Everyday you have an opportunity to create your own moment and God doesn't just speak to you in only that moment. God is always speaking to you but you have to be open to really listen for God's voice and be able to distinguish God's voice from any other voice. In 1 Samuel 3, the story of Samuel is told where he was sleeping and woke up three times hearing a voice calling him. Each time Samuel gets up and goes to his father thinking that it was his father that called him but really it was Jesus who was calling Samuel. See, sometimes we get those voices confused especially when we aren't fully trying to listen for God's voice or when we get sidetracked we think it's someone else's voice when it isn't. We need to not miss our moment because God has a calling for each and every one of us.

My moment was 3 years ago when i was in Mexico on a missions trip and i clearly knew that Missions is my calling and that in that moment, God was saying to me, "Kriston, i have given you a passion for all people to see all people come to Christ and i want you to be the one who will be my hands and feet and who will take me to the darkest corners of the earth." I have no idea where that statement just came from, i believe that was the Holy Spirit! That was my moment!

What was your moment? Have you had one yet? If not, start to try and create that moment! Don't miss it! God is calling you!


  1. I went to the Dominican Republic in July of 2010 (: I left and I felt my heart being tugged to go back. I am going back in March for the third time. What is my calling? Not sure yet. Is it missions, maybe. I think so. Still talking to God about that.

  2. That's awesome Leah! :) I am so proud of you for running after God and seeking out the calling that he has for you! Keep talking to him about it!

  3. Great stuff... , my moment was at a winter retreat at Penn Del when I was 16.