Thursday, March 10, 2011

A bit about what's going on this year in Master's Commission for me...

Wow! Well to be honest, Master's has been great! I've learned a lot and i've definitely enjoyed helping in The Edge Youth Group. I have also been learning a lot in my classes with all of my awesome teachers!

One question that i was asked about this year is "What have I received so far out of this year?" Honestly, i'm not really quite sure what i've received. I came into Master's Commission program with a calling in Missions, not sure where i'm going and not sure what i'll be doing specifically..i just know that missions is what i am called to do.

One of the things that i have asked for while being here in Master's Commission is for direction of where God wants me in the mission field and what i can do specifically within the mission field. I still have yet to figure out what quite is but i know that God has so much in store for me. When i leave this program, i want to contine seeking after what God has for me and i want to know who i am, what i have gotten out of this year, and what i can get out of my last 3 months here.

I want to shoot for being above average in this world and i want to go after what is real and what is bigger that i know God has for me! God has a heritage for me and within these next three months that heritage will be opened up. I will be waiting God for what you have to reveal to me and i want to seek after that more than anything. God i want to hear your voice and i want to see what your will for my life is! Please reveal it to me in your time and i ask that you just work through me and in me! Thank you Jesus for everything that you have done. Amen.

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