Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Revival in Gettysburg

This morning in prayer we prayed for the area of Gettysburg and there was the power of God! As i was praying i totally felt the presence of God within our prayer time. One thing within our prayer time that i was feeling was this wall that was standing between our church and the town of Gettysburg. As a church as our team of Master's Commission we really need to be praying that God breaks down the wall and that Satan is defeated in this town of Gettysburg! We need to be praying in the name of Jesus that these walls are broken down and that Satan has NO POWER in this area! To God be ALL OF THE POWER, glory, and honor!
C.S. Lewis talks about the "Law of Human Nature" that it tells us what we ought to do and not do. I think of it as our concience and that when we think about going out and spreading God's word in Gettysburg, i think it puts on your own consience what you are going to do about it. So, what are you going to do about seeing a revival in Gettysburg? I know i'm going to be praying hard for a revival within the Freedom Valley Church that will spread through the town of Gettysburg and i want to make points to be out using every opportunity i can to reach Gettysburg!
What will you do?

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