Friday, January 14, 2011

Are you living in tune with the song that we are all playing together with God?

God is always there and never leaves us. See, I don't have to prove if God is there for me. I know he is there because i feel him in me. When i run after him with everything i have i feel him living in me and through me. Jesus wants us to live in tune with the song that he is playing. God is love, he forgives, he sacrifices, that is who God is. God's song is written on our hearts just as Rob Bell says. See, everyone is playing a song but are they in tune with the spiritual song? We don't want to miss a part that God may be trying to tell us, God just wants to spend time with us and to just sit and listen to him. We are all different and everyone takes part in playing the song together. It doesn't matter what race we are, how tall or short we are, how old or young we are, etc. God accepts everyone no matter who they are. God is waiting for us to choose whether or not we are going to live in tune with the song that he is playing. Living in tune together as one body in Christ is what God wants for us. In Christ, we are all ONE and we work together to further God's kingdom and stay in tune with the song that is being played. How amazing is that to think about? God is above and beyond and is never walking away, he is waiting for us to turn to him and to join in with the absolute beautiful, soothing song that he is playing. Will you join in the beautiful song?Check out this video by Rob Bell that's called "Rhythm."

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